Piramyd answers born in Banska Stiavnica whit  the challenge to respond THROUGH intuitive drawing the questions asked within

la piramide nace


In the center of intuitive drawing located in the residence for artists suddenly veveri[]ka the design is made for a better connection.

casa14 219casa14 303 casa14 304casa14 311 casa14 312 casa14 301 casa14 299casa14 307



                                                                                   pyramid answers in A Galeeria (Bratislava)




zuzakerling                                               varho+rubenpiramidpiramitewauiting



poster for the presentation of the pyramid in ukradená galerie,Český Krumlov (Czech Republic)

casa14 356

in Varho´s studio preparing the exhibition for Czech Republic




The pyramid in Ukradena Galerie  Český Krumlov


eos20 169

eos20 170

eos20 171

eos20 173

eos20 175

eos20 280

eos20 285

eos20 310



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